Creattak product creation studio have been incubated throughout 15 years, result of the experience acquired from our work in multiple sectors and companies to optimize solutions for an extensive network of suppliers and clients.
We are a team of multidisciplinary creatives with a wide domain in all the areas of the process, which contributes added value to the brands with differentiated and innovative new products. We are kept in the day of the last trends. We offer pragmatic solutions with quality, efficiency and efficacy. From the first idea to the final product, we approach all the necessary processes to give form to your concept, your needs, your illusions…in industrial design, furniture, modeling solutions, mechanical engenieering, etc.
In our creations we have the goal of don´t limit our designs to the correct thing, but go beyond and achieve that they comunicate, surprise, thrill and manage to transmit the sensation that in we have in the hands a product that has been meticulously conceived, bearing in mind up to the most minimal detail. Our creative brain in subsequent supply chain management.
Creattak, where the ideas are born!

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